Water Everywhere

We are halfway through the third quarter, crazy!

We have finished our Water Properties unit and have moved on to Watersheds and Wetlands. This is an important unit that students will be able to use what they learn during it on our Field Trip in April! More details to come on that.

The Third Quarter Project is posted now as well – it is due Friday March 3rd!

~Mrs. Dockery

Third Quarter!

We are more than halfway through the 6th grade!

Now, we are working on Water Properties. We will then work on heat and light energy.  There will be a project for third quarter releated to (but not only for) Science Fair, so stay tuned!


Mrs. Dockery

Matter & Energy

We are moving right along and are now mostly done with our Matter unit, which is a great intro to Chemistry for our 6th graders. We will wrap that up before Thanksgiving, then will move on to energy. Keep an eye out for our upcoming quarterly project, which is one of my favorites. Hint: it involves elements and superheros!

~Mrs. Dockery

End of First Quarter

It’s hard to believe we are already nearly done with the first quarter of 6th grade!  Some important dates:

Our Science Benchmark is Wed, 10/12.

The Quarter Science Project is due Thurs 10/13 – the last day of the first quarter.

Info about the project is available on the HW & Project Tab. This is worth a test grade and gives students a chance to show what they know about the Solar System in a different way! I can’t wait to see them!

We Are Underway!

We are well into our first unit, Scientific Investigation! We have followed the scientific method in our paper airplane lab, and we are talking about measurement and graphing in science. We will be taking our test on Scientific Investigation next Wed 9/14, and then we will be starting our Solar System unit!